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Jax is a multi-generation miniature Goldendoodle.  He has a red abstract, coat that will be curly at maturity.  
He will be a future stud muffin for us.   He is genetically health tested and clear on everything tested.

Males: Males


Mickey is an AKC/CKC registered miniature Poodle weighing 15 lbs.  He has a soft, thick tricolored parti coat.  He is genetically clear on everything through Embark and Animal Genetics. He is being offered for stud service for a limited amount of females.

Males: Males


Luke is the newest addition to our family. He is a F1b, miniature Goldendoodle.  He has a red, curly coat and  he weighs 18 lbs. He has the cutest personality. He is genetically clear on everything with the exception of one copy of IVDD.

Males: Males
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