Our puppies/dogs  at Doodles All Day are far more than a business to us. They are family.  We breed responsibly and breed only the best dogs that will pass on great  personalities, temperaments, and good health. We health test all of our adult dogs to help minimize any known hereditary diseases.


Multi Generation Petite Goldendoodles

Mollie is expected to be bred with Mickey, a tri-colored  miniature Poodle or Tripp, a brown phantom Poodle.  This litter will be a gorgeous, petite size litter weighing 12-25 lbs.  We expect merles, phantoms and solid colored babies. If you'd like to be on the waiting list, please notify me as soon as possible.  I expect this litter to sell fast. Pups are expected to be born December 2022.



Multi Generation Petite Goldendoodles

Cammy, a multigenerational, golden doodle was bred to Tripp, a miniature Poodle. Cammy has a vibrant, blue merle, curly coat.  Tripp has a gorgeous, brown phantom, curly coat.  We expect a lot of different colors including merles, phantoms and solids.  This litter should be scheduled to go home at Christmas.



Petite Aussiedoodles

Cookie, a petite sized, brown/white parti Aussiedoodle  has been bred to Tripp, a brown phantom, miniature Poodle. They should have a variety of colors including brown, brown phantom and gold/cream/white. Pups will be approximately 12-15 lbs. grown. If you'd like to be on this waiting list, please let me know. Pups are due 11/11/22 with an expected go home date of 1/07/23.



Medium size Goldendoodles

Nola, a F1b Goldendoodle is expected to be bred to Jax, a multigenerational Goldendoodle.  Pups are expected to be approx 30-42 lbs grown.  If you'd like a pup from this litter, please let me know and you will be added to waiting list.